If you need to deliver different kinds of earthworks: trenching or pit excavation works for networks arrangement, a swimming pool pit or any other type of works, then it is required to use specialized construction equipment. A caterpillar excavator that delivers works of good quality easy and fast is a perfect option for these works to be done. When selecting whether to rent or to buy the caterpillar excavator, you have to consider if you need this equipment for long-term or one-time use. If you prefer the second option then it is easier to rent the excavator. First, you save your money significantly, second, you do not need to care of its maintenance and repair.

MEGA-STROY Company offers you rental services of skid steer loaders that are one of the most popular types of construction equipment. They distinguish with their small size, low cost and high capacity rates. All our equipment has been manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturers. It is in fine technical conditions and is ready to start works at any time convenient for you.


Strong equipment base from the leading manufacturers of MEGA-STROY allows building of projects of any complexity. The lifting equipment assortment is updated constantly it means steady increase of capacities and of your opportunities.

MEGA-STROY Company offers wide range of modern roading equipment. In this section you may learn more about asphalt rollers, recyclers and other equipment.

MEGA-STROY Company offers wide range of concreting equipment. In this site’s section you may learn more about concrete pump trucks, concrete mixer trucks and concrete pavers.

The equipment of MEGA-STROY Company provides convenient and comfortable transportation of materials and people. In this section you may learn more about transportation equipment fleet, lifting capacities of the equipment, dump capacity/number of seats.