MEGA-STROY, LLC has been working in the field of design and construction of commercial real estate for more than a decade providing complex package of services to organizations of different ownership types. Long-lasting experience and high-qualified employees allow us delivering a complete cycle of design and construction works: from preliminary surveying to the project’s commissioning including issue of relevant documents by the state authorities.

Structure commissioning permits

Being a final stage of construction and reconstruction of a building, the commissioning procedure means acceptance of the structure by the representatives of relevant authorities including issue for use and execution of legal binding documentation. The building’s operation without undergoing of this procedure is unacceptable and may lead to significant penalties.

As a matter of fact the permit to use the constructed or reconstructed structure is to confirm that:

  • all works have been performed under absolute compliance with design documentation approved by supervising authorities
  • the building fully meets the actual safety standards and does not have any unfinished elements in its structure.

To receive the permit for commissioning of the construction project, the application and accompanying documents shall be submitted to the relevant department of the local administration authorities.

Procedure regulations

The present laws of the Russian Federation regulate the procedure of commissioning of networks and constructed/reconstructed structures. One of the condition of successful passing the procedure is an adequate approach to the preoperational process which comprises a number of sequent stages:

  • upon the receipt of notification from the developing company about completion of construction/repair works there are inspection and MEP tests conducted;
  • provided that the inspection is successful, works acceptance act is made that shall be signed by the representatives of the client and the contracting company;
  • then to commission the project in the Moscow region or in any other region, a special commission gathers that includes the representatives of the client and of the contracting company, authorized representatives of the sanitary and epidemic station, the fire inspection, representatives of the municipal amenity service and other services.

The commission members conduct complex inspection of compliance of the built or repaired structure with the design documentation. In case if the procedure is undergone successfully the relevant documentation is signed that allows using the building according to its purpose and registering the ownership.

Professional approach form MEGA-STROY, LLC

MEGA-STROY is directly interested in fast receipt of the relevant permit documentation and the soonest commissioning of the repaired or built structures. During the working process, the company’s specialists provide with strict adherence to all requirements towards the process of construction/reconstruction by the monitoring instances.

On completion of the project we provide with legal and correct formation of the required documentation and conduct of negotiations with the authorized representatives of the state authorities. Due to the professional approach of the specialists of MEGA-STROY, LLC, commissioning of the projects is made within the shortest period of time without any delays and bureaucratic protractions.