For example, a standard warehouse:

LOADING AND UNLOADING DOCKS have multifunctional structure that may receive any type of transport vehicles. Every dock consists of:

  • warehouse electric driven sectional gates, opening up (overlapped);
  • lighting of an interior trailer section;
  • hydraulic bridge which down movement shall be sufficient for fixing and normal unloading and loading operations of low trucks, Gazelle or Bychok type, and sea containers on platforms;
  • gate external sealer;
  • air curtain or shutoff.

RELIABILITY. The docks are considered for maximal load upto 8 t/m2.

AVAILABLE MAINTENANCE SERVICE of the docking equipment from the leading manufacturers including warranty maintenance.

ENERGY EFFICIENCE. Based on the results of the NIISF RAASN unbiased research, it was proved that the dock gates selected by MEGASTROY have the highest energy saving factors – they are better than the market analogues over 40%.


The right selection of the docking equipment provide efficient delivery of loading and unloading works and that is reflected on the quality and period of processing of the good turnover.