MEGA-STORY, LLC delivers construction of different types of buildings and premises. The firm has been known for 12 years. For years of work, a big number of projects have been implemented. The company keeps on developing and using advanced technologies when erecting new houses and structures.

When erecting structures for storage, both steel frame and cast-in-situ concrete slabs are used. Nowadays construction of warehouses and premises where sandwich panels are used for walls is becoming more popular.

For example, a standard warehouse made of sandwich panels

A warehouse made of steel structures as a building’s envelope (walls) received sandwich panels. Thickness of such panel is twelve centimeters. Inside and outside the thermal insulation is protected with galvanized steel with polymer cover. Basalt based mineral wool is used as thermal insulation material.

Maximal heat saving

To provide with maximal heat saving it is not required to build a building with thick walls of strong and heavy material. Modern technologies allow providing significant heat saving at the warehouse with relatively small dimensions of items used. Therefore, a sandwich panel that is 120 mm thick creates high level of heat insulation that is comparable with a wall made of bricks and that is 68 cm thick. As it is known door and window openings free the most part of heat. Now it is not a problem. Use of PVC-profile blocks and double-glass units allows reducing heat loss significantly.

Fire safety

Warehouses shall meet high requirements to fire safety. Not only non-flammable but also easy flammable substances may be stored there. A sandwich panel warehouse structure has these properties. The panel has special fire resistant heat insulation that is made of mineral wool. This feature meets fire safety requirements and, besides, it is perfectly suitable for construction of warehouses of different complexity. The doors are made of a special non-flammable material.

Results of use of sandwich panels

Use of sandwich panels when erecting buildings and structures allows achieving good results. Finally you receive:

  • fire and water resistant wall material;
  • good heat and sound insulation;
  • corrosion resistant panels (meeting fire safety requirements);
  • reduction of heating costs as sandwich panels are good for heat saving;
  • short period of warehouse construction processing.

Classical mistakes of assemblers

During assembly of sandwich panels, amateurs often make a lot of mistakes. The most frequents ones are:

  • too big joint connection – over 3 mm;
  • available thermal bypass;
  • lack of foam insulation;
  • absence of insulation on the system of gimbals and fitments;
  • calculation of fitting points without consideration of wind loads;
  • no valves for pressure balancing in low temperature rooms;
  • neglect of heat insulation circuit with a thermal camera.

Specialists of MEGA-STROY, LLC are real professionals: they will not make such mistakes during installation of structures.

Advantages of sandwich panels

The main difference of sandwich panels from competitive materials is unique consumer properties. So, this building material is stromnger than typical building materials, and its weight is lighter on the contrary. These properties allow reducing time for transportation of structures as well as using panels in both residential and industrial construction.