MEGA-STROY, LLC is a thriving enterprise in the field of construction of commercial real estate. One of the main directions of the company’s activity is design of utility networks.

Range of services on design of utility networks

Works on design of utility networks envisage processing of a number of planning procedures of the following utility systems:

Power supply systems

Design of power supply systems consists of:

  • planning of reliable power delivery ways;
  • calculation of required capacities;
  • development of the design of electricity systems;
  • works on specification of power supply systems.

Water supply systems

During design, available connection of the project to the main water supply line is considered. If it is unavailable then MEGA-STROY is ready to develop the design of independent water supply system. The design of the water supply system includes detailed description of water supply and graphical diagram.

Ventilation and air conditioning systems

Design of ventilation system is made considering operational efficiency of the equipment. Along with selection of the equipment and preparation of the equipment’s specifications, the company makes its calculation of all air distribution network and develops the ventilation system diagram.

Heating systems

MEGA-STROY, LLC offers several options of heating system design that envisage:

  • connection of the project to the main gas pipeline;
  • design of independent heating system.

Cost of heating system design depends on the task’s complexity.

The expert approach of the company to works allows calculating of capacity required for the project correctly. Provided that energy and power loads are considered, ventilation and air conditioning of the enterprise are calculated.

Long-lasting experience of MEGA-STROY, LLC guarantees reliability, durability and high operational performance of the above systems.

Advantages of MEGA-STROY services

Are you having any difficulties in selection of a company for design and commissioning works?

Please, pay attention to advantages of cooperation with MEGA-STROY, LLC:

  • guaranteed engagement of highly qualified specialists having 10-year work experience on the construction market in delivery of works;
  • opportunity to engage unlimited number of construction machinery for work implementation;
  • numerous Internet-feedbacks from active industrial and other enterprises.