MEGA-STROY, LLC offers a full range of services on design of main gas pipelines of different capacity and distance from gas recovery locations. When addressing to our specialists, you can be sure that the developed project is both technologically and legally faultless. Long-lasting work experience of our company in the field of design and construction of gas pipelines allows us guaranteeing complete absence of problems during the project’s inspection by the representatives of federal and regional expert services.

Main design stages

Design of main gas pipelines includes several stages;

  • Surveying and preliminary development: complex study of natural conditions of the planned pipeline route.
  • Preparation of DOI (Declaration of Intent) as well as Feasibility study of investments – both stages are also included in the predesign work stage. The important part of this stage is selection of main equipment allowing delivery of the pipeline under consideration of the cost engineering.
  • The next stage is the design one. The feasibility study is developed therein.

Peculiarities of design of the gas pipelines

The main gas pipelines can differ in their production capacity. This indicator is defined based on the data of the regional fuel and energy balance. The pipeline’s production capacity is calculated as definite gas amount incoming through it from the gas recovery locations per year. This value can be increased if additional equipment is installed on the gas distribution pipeline.

MEGA-STROY, LLC guarantees implementation of all stages of design at the high professional level. The design supposes consideration of the fuel volume, specifications of standard equipment, gas pressure and many other factors that influence safety and durability of the gas pipeline.