CONSTRUCTION OF A PLANTAny idustrial enterprise has complicated infrastructure which components are united by logics of manufacturing tasks. Erection of factories and plants is a labor consuming process requireing complex approach, thorough engineeing knowledge, careful design engineering.

MEGA-STROY offers professional turn-key construction of plants in Moscow and the Moscow region. We shall be responsible for all stages of erection of industrial facilities of any complexity from selection of the site to commissioning of a plant.

Stages of construction of plants in Moscow and the Moscow region

  • Selection of the construction site. The following factors are taken into consideration: availability of power resources and water sources, local terrain, distance to residential settlements, etc.
  • Design engineering. It includes concept development (sketch design), architectural and working design.
  • Processing of approvals for design documentation, architectural and layout solutions. This phase includes execution of initial and permit documentation, processing of approvals for technical conditions for installation of utility systems and communications.
  • Erection of industrial facilities in compliance with the design. At this stage there are processed foundation works, construction of walls and roof, connection of communications and utility systems as well as installation of plant equipment.
  • Commissioning of plants. It includes collection of as-built documentation, receipt of conclusions of the state supervision authorities, preparation of a set of ownership right documents, interaction with resource providing companies.

Types of works

CONSTRUCTION OF A PLANTWithin the stage of construciton of the industrial facility, the following types of works are processed:

  • foundation works;
  • fabrication and installation of modern steel structures;
  • erection of bearing and internal walls;
  • roofing;
  • installation of communications and utility systems;
  • industrial flooring;
  • supply and installation of plastic structures;
  • installation of special plant equipment – manufacturing lines, machine units, etc.
  • Landscaping of the adjacent territory.

Materials for construction of plants and workshops

We use wide range of modern construction materials which fully meet the requirements to them. The materials are selected in accordance with the specific nature of the industrial facility – we select the materials having high operational specifications which allow optimizing financial costs and achieving high efficiency of erected facilities.

Efficient construction of factories

We use modern methods of construction which allow increasing speed of erection of the facilities, optimizing money costs and consumption of materials. A lot of attention is paid to energy efficiency of the erected industrial facilities.

MEGA-STROY has been a member of the Russia’s Builders Association over 10 years as well as a member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Moscow region. We do business in compliance with the international standards and that is confirmed with the international certificate ISO 9001:2000.

CONSTRUCTION OF A PLANTOur company offers construciton of plants in Moscow and the Moscow region at avaialble cost and that becomes possible due to use of the latest technologies and professional design engineering.

Advantages of erection of plants by MEGA-STROY

  • Our company unites high-profile specialists – architects, builders, engineers. This gives opportunity to provide with successful solution of the most complicated tasks.
  • We own the fleet of specialized equipment which includes over 350 units.
  • We have huge experience in construction and commissioning of the facilities of various industries and positive reputation which is confirmed with numerous testimonials of our clients.
  • Cost of construction is clearly written in the contract  – the client receives all information about financial expenses.
  • We are strictly adhering to the approved schedule of commissioning of industrial facilities and give warranties for all types of works.
  • In our company you may place the order fir development of the optimal engineering solutions to implement precise manufacturing tasks of the client. We can also offer big number of typical projects.

We have all possible resources which are required for development and implementation of industrial projects of various industries, complexity and size.


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