Erection of large commercial projects is impossible without use of wide range of specialized equipment. Construction processing of the building itself and landscaping of the adjacent territories require the big fleet of machinery available. Their quantity, dimensions, functions and capacities depend on the project’s scope and other peculiarities.

In this article, we will consider what construction equipment for commercial construction is required at every main stage of erection of the large project. To buy or to rent? Many directors ask this question. Most of them have similar opinion that to buy equipment is less profitable than to rent it. The explanation is that there is no spending on equipment maintenance and it is not required to pay taxes for the expensive property, which, probably, will be used not very often. That is why, before the project processing, it is required to select a credible company that specializes in construction equipment rental. This allows completing the project erection within he agreed period and minimize its cost. What construction equipment is required for commercial construction There are several types of equipment used in commercial construction.

  • Lifting equipment. Different cranes are mandatory when erecting large structures. If a building is not very high then truck cranes will suite the best. Telescopic loaders, handlers and low-lift trucks might also be required.
  • Loading equipment. It is mandatory to rent several small loaders. These helpful machines will be used there where bigger machinery cannot be used. Due to big number of functions, this machinery is capable to perform wide range of works and in some cases, they may replace highly specialized equipment. Small loader rental is the most required service.
  • Equipment for earth works and concreting. If a sufficient number of caterpillar excavators is rented then the site might be prepared within very short period of time. Foundation works shall be completed at the earliest if the needed machinery is rented (concrete mixers, concrete spreaders and concrete pumps). Caterpillar excavator rental is also one of the most popular services.
  • For road construction works. It is required to address to the company specialized in road construction equipment rental in view to receive the machinery fleet that is required for landscaping of the adjacent territory. Concrete spreaders and rollers will be helpful.

There are main types of machinery used for commercial construction considered here. Some other equipment might be required. All depends on scope and peculiarities of the project.