Commissioning Obtainment of the construction permit


The Construction Manager concludes the general contractor agreement for the project construction with a contracting company or undertakes functions corresponding to the general contractor company (maintenance of the construction site, supply, coordination of delivery of construction works, etc.).

We divide functions of the Construction Manager fulfilled during design, construction and commissioning of the project, into the following PHASES:

  • issue of initial data for development of design and estimate documentation, ordering development of all documentation required for the project’s construction, its approval according to the established procedure, searching for contractors, conclusion of contractor agreements for development of documentation and delivery of all construction, installation and commissioning works, supply of equipment and materials
  • acceptance, record and relevant storage in the warehouses of equipment, products and materials, its handover for construction
  • delivery of all required works for preparation of the construction site, monitoring of compliance with standards and rules during construction, acceptance of completed works and preparation of the project for commissioning

provision of rational and economical consumption of construction expenses, timely transfer of payments for materials, equipment, completed works, etc., taking measures for reduction of the construction period.