High speed of development of modern business and diversity of companies engaged in production and distribution of different products are the main reasons of increased demand for premises for storage of different goods (food and industrial ones). Provided that both large storage areas and small warehouses in Moscow and the Moscow region are required. MEGA-STROY, LLC is one of the leaders of the commercial real estate market and has huge work experience. We offer to our client to buy warehouse and manufacturing premises form the developer at low rates. We offer excellent options for sale of warehouses in the Moscow region and their convenience and functionality are not worse than the capital ones have. However, their price is lower thus, you save significant money. You may select a warehouse that meets your taste among numerous options offered by our company. They are different in their location, dimensions and price but they have the same advantages:

  • convenient location and good transport accessibility;
  • reliability and durability;
  • available developed infrastructure facilities and excellent technical equipment;
  • safety and high security level;
  • sale of warehouses is one of important activities of our company that is why we do guarantee high quality of the offered buildings made according to accepted rules and standards.

Prior to purchase of the warehouse in the Moscow region, it is required to define its purpose, location as well as level of technical equipment. Depending on the above, the price will be calculated.

Cost of warehouses

When making a decision whether to buy a warehouse or not, firstly client think about the cost of different options. In this case it is worth remembering about interconnection of price and quality of the purchased premises. There are two categories of warehouse:

  • A or B. they are well equipped and their finishing is of high quality but along with that their price is high.
  • C or D. they are more affordable due to less developed infrastructure facilities.

Besides, the following factors shall be considered:

  • Building’s location;
  • Its area, dimensions and number of floors;
  • Available access roads and its proximity to main roads;
  • Technical condition and required equipment.

Sale of warehouse and manufacturing areas is made considering the fixed price per one square meter of the area without VAT.

How to buy a warehouse

It is easy and safe to buy a warehouse at MEGA-STROY Company as we offer functional warehouse at the most beneficial conditions without any third parties. We always have a lot of offers available that consider the most diverse requirements of clients: from well heated warehouses to storages of products that shall be placed in low temperature conditions. Sale of warehouse in the Moscow region considers selection of the best option, complete accompanying of the deal and execution of all required documentation. All questions related to purchase of warehouse in the Moscow region may be addressed to our specialists by phones on our web site or via e-mail. Also on our web site you may get different information on this issue.