MEGA-STROY is overachieving… — MEGA-STROY

MEGA-STROY is overachieving…

МЕГА-СТРОЙ - MEGA-STROY is overachieving…


During their working trip over the municipal settlement the Deputy Chairmen of the Government of the Moscow region Vadim Khramov and the Deputy Minister of Investments and Innovations of the region Anton Loginov visited the construction site of the plant for manufacturing of biodegradable polyethylene film in the Special Economic Zone Stupino Quadrat.

“… before December all works shall be completed, we see no risks for this project. If to see the dynamics, then, indeed, the speed of the plant’s construction is overachieving. Yet in March, as a matter of fact, there was just a filed here”, — commented Vadim Khromov.

The General Contractor MEGA-STROY is completing construction of the plant’s main building and connection of utilities. Flex Films Rus, LLC plans to open this enterprise in the beginning of 2020.

“Now we are at the phase when 70% of the civil works are being completed, this month we are finishing the manufacturing building completely, and further we will work with external networks and utilities inside the building. We will try to conduct a trial launch of the plant in the end of January and we are working in this direction”, — said Junaid Khan, Director General, Flex Films Rus, LLC.

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