Structural solutions - Mega-Stroy, LLC.


For example, a standard warehouse:

Buildings of an administrative and warehouse complex consist of a warehouse zone at the level 0.000 (working height 12 m), a mezzanine for secured storage of goods at the level +6.500 and an office zone at the level +10.200, and two-storied structures of offices (floor height is 3.6 m).


  • Frame – grid of reinforced concrete columns, spacing in the warehouse zone – 12×24 m, spacing in the mezzanine – 12×6 m;
  • Secondary bearing frame elements – high strength steel purlins, steel structures for installation of inter-story floor slabs;
  • Pile foundations (piles connected with cast-in-situ RC frame);
  • Roof and wall elements of the building of materials having high heat, sound and water insulation.

FIRE PROTECTION of all steel structures is capable to provide structural fire resistance during a fire from 15 to 150 minutes.

ALL YEAR ROUND CONSTRUCTION. Due to the proposed construction technology, the main part of works is conducted without ‘wet’ processes and may be performed almost at any period of a year.

RISK REDUCTION. All structures are supplied from factories to the site and they are ready for installation. It allows minimizing risks, thus it is possible to make precise planning of period, cost and forecast a project’s payback relevantly.


  • Single roof warehouse and office – conditions for fast loading and execution of documents;
  • Technology reducing period of construction;
  • Erection of reliable structures all year round;
  • Calm client – forecast periods and costs.