For example a standard warehouse:

WAREHOUSE. In the warehouse area, it is envisaged to have a free air flow through openings in the cladding structures, mechanical exhausts including installation of roof fans.

OFFICE. In the office areas, supply and exhaust ventilation system with mechanical air blowing and heating. Volume of fresh (external) air for offices is taken considering 60 m3/hour per 1 person considering 6 m2 per 1 employee.

HEAT SUPPLY SOURCE – double fuel boiler house, diesel and gas fuel – opportunity of temporary operation of the complex without gas networks.

SAFETY. Exhaust fans in the charging areas will be explosion proof. The system of smoke removal and fire blocking valves is envisaged. Deactivation of supply and exhaust ventilation – on the signal of the fire alarm system. The mandatory step of launching of heat supply networks is strength and sealing hydraulic testing of heat supply network not less than 1.6 MPa.

Under the client’s request, air conditioning system may be designed and installed.


  • Supply and exhaust ventilation systems are easy to maintain, they have high capacity, low noise factors, no vibrations and draughts;
  • Installation of the heat exchanger where the exhausting air gives heat to the fresh air coming into the ventilation system allows saving upto 60-70% of heat;
  • All year round optimal temperature and humidity mode in both office and warehouse areas.