Most of modern companies engaged in production and sale of different products require functional and convenient premises for product storage. In this case, there are two options: to lease a ready place or to build own warehouse that suits the client’s individual requirements. MEGA-STROY that has operated on the industrial construction market for over seventeen years, offers its services on fast construction of warehouses on a turnkey basis and on arrangement of all required infrastructure at reasonable prices. Before building a warehouse, it is required to answer a number of questions including:

  • Purpose of the warehouse;
  • Its dimensions;
  • Construction materials;
  • The project’s location;
  • Transport accessibility;
  • Equipment requirements;
  • Cost of construction.

Our Company will assist in solving the arising issues so that the constructed warehouses become most meeting the client’s requirements. We guarantee reliability of our structures and their quality conformity with the established requirements. In view to deliver the construction works within the shortest period, it is required to fulfill a number of conditions. Firstly, it is comfort weather. In the majority of regions of our country, it is conventional to build during warm year period of the year. But to meet the stated deadlines, preparation for construction shall start in autumn and winter period. Secondly, a lot depends on construction materials. It is possible to build a hangar from bricks or cast-in-situ concrete. However, the most efficient option will to use ready steel structures. Territory landscaping To build a reliable and functional warehouse is only a part of the task. Its territory landscaping is of the same importance. Landscaping works include: Arrangement of pedestrian and access ways that are in good operation in any weather; Arrangement of sufficient parking areas; Arrangement of water drainage systems for the access roads in case of rainy or snowy weather; Installation of road signs and marking as well as security checkpoints for monitoring of product delivery. Internal finishing works Internal finishing works of the warehouse shall meet its purpose completely; it shall be reliable, durable and esthetic. Depending of the client’s financial opportunities, gypsum boards, tiles, weatherboards, painting and other suitable materials can be used for internal finishing works. The warehouse technical equipment options depend on its purpose and the client’s requirements.   Warehouse construction estimate Selecting different options for product storage, many companies ask what the cost of a warehouse construction is, and whether it is cheaper to lease it. Here all depends on the client’s financial opportunities as well as on the client’s business field. Warehouse construction for a company having small volumes of products for sale is, of course, not very reasonable. At eh same time, for big companies having high product turnover, this will become the optimal option. In view to estimate the budget for warehouse construction, it is required to consider a number of parameters that include:

  • Length, width and height of the building;
  • Number of windows, doors and gates.

MEGA-STROY specialists will provide you with qualified assistance in estimating the warehouse construction and will do all possible so that the total amount becomes the most acceptable for you.