MEGA-STROY, LLC provides full range of works from design and construction of projects to its realization and further commissioning.

The services offered by MEGA-STROY, LLC include:

  • execution of initial permit documentation for construction, capital repair and reconstruction of projects;
  • obtainment and approval of technical conditions for design of utility networks;
  • preparation of initial data for development of design documentation;
  • development and approval of tasks for design of architectural and planning solutions;
  • design of buildings and structures of all levels of complexity;
  • approvals of pre-design and design documentation;
  • design documentation expertise;
  • construction permits, felling permits;
  • construction, reconstruction and capital repairs of buildings and structures;
  • monitoring and technical supervision of construction, compliance of scopes, cost and quality of works with design and contract prices, construction standards and regulations;
  • project commissioning.

MEGASTROY Company provides professional services in the field of design, construction, engineering, and supply with construction machinery, materials and equipment.

Please, select the works you require and our team of specialists will render you the services within the agreed period in accordance with the world’s quality standards.