Intensive growth of trade during last years led to increase of demand on industrial and warehousing premises. Considering that purchase and independent construction of a warehouse is expensive, it is more profitable for entrepreneurs to lease areas. Lease of industrial and warehousing premises is linked with bigger differences than office or residential lease. The following explains this: industrial real estate market is slower than other spheres. In the very beginning of 2000’s the major part of warehouses was the structures of the soviet period that were badly adjusted for long-term storage. Presentable appearance was delivered to them only by means of minor repairs. However, as demand on warehousing and industrial premises was growing, the number of offers also increased. Number of A and B class warehouses occupying big areas and equipped with comfortable vehicle and railway access ways, modern loaders and modernized storage systems, is quite big nowadays. Making a choice It is required to be responsible when selecting a warehouse. First of all it is required to define what goods will be stored there and how long for.

  • Requirements to premises. In view to solve the first task, make a list of requirements to a future warehouse. Following this list will save your goods. Remember that some buildings maintain optimal air humidity, others are equipped with refrigerating rooms, others are good for construction materials only, etc. TH more requirements the warehouse meets, the more expensive it is for a lessee.
  • A and B class warehouses are located nearby vivid roads and have convenient access ways. C and D class premises are often located in inconvenient locations. Naturally, the cost of the first type of warehouses will be higher.
  • Security systems. Clarify how exactly the warehouse security is provided. This influences your property safety directly.

Lease pitfalls Commercial and industrial real estate differs from residential one not only with its use but also with applicable laws. When purchasing real estate located at the leased land plot, the lessor can demand for dismantling of a building or terminate a lease agreement. One more unpleasant situation – when your new building is mortgaged. Do not forget about schemes of double sale when first the property is sold to one party and at the same time it is leased to another one. In this case the lessor and the buyer collided in their rights, and often such situation shall be considered by the court. There is also a risk from the side of municipal authorities. The most cunning vendors having knowledge that the project shall be demolished for construction of a railway road or a highway, lease the real estate under the price that is lower than a market one, thus attracting customers. And the last in their turn receive minimal compensation for demolition of the building that might be repaired by the moment of demolition. Signing the agreement with a big specialized company you bear lower risks than in situation when your partner is a private company.