Construction of industrial buildings, complexes and any other production facilities differs from construction of commercial and residential real estate significantly. The contracting company shall consider peculiarities of a future production facility at all stages of work processing.

Erection of manufacturing facilities supposes installation of different equipment (machines, refrigeration units, etc.). Besides, each building of the complex has its specific purpose. That is why it is extremely important that construction of such projects shall be processes by a company that has not only modern equipment but also experienced and high profile team of specialists.

All structures of the manufacturing complex shall be interconnected so that to receive maximal possible economical effect from the complex during its operation. The complex  shall be constructed to optimize the technological processes. The contracting company shall consider all these peculiarities of industrial construction.

Distinctive features

  • Large variety of works and their complexity. The number of industrial structures exceeds the number of residential structures significantly. Provided that typical projects used in different fields require special approach.
  • Higher requirements to preparatory arrangements of surveying. It is important to provide with the project safety, arrange communication and utility networks.
  • Use of rapidly erectable and frame structures. These technologies during erection of, for example, residential real estate are used seldom. Modern industrial construction assumes active use of steel frames and different types of panels – large projects are erected in the short period of time.
  • Arrangement of complex utility networks. Industrial complexes have huge network of different communications. This includes not only water, power and gas supply. For example, oil pipelines or chemical transfer systems may be added.
  • Big construction areas. Project dimensions depend on their purpose. These scopes require competent design, consideration of increasing loads and optimization of material consumption.

In this article we considered only key peculiarities of industrial construction. Design of every enterprise is individual and require special approach from the construction company.