High speed of development of modern business and diversity of companies engaged in production and distribution of different products are the main reasons of increased demand for premises for storage of different goods (food and industrial ones). Provided that both large storage areas and small warehouses in Moscow and the Moscow region are required.

Warehouses are required for successful operation of many commercial companies engaged in sale and storage of any product. They shall have a number of properties that provide their the most efficient use:

  • Optimal area;
  • Convenient location;
  • Developed infrastructure facilities;
  • Technical equipment;
  • Acceptable price.

The majority of companies prefer to lease a warehouse as it allows solving many production tasks and saving time and money for construction and maintenance of the areas. MEAG-STROY Company has been on the commercial real estate market for around seventeen years, and we offer leasing of convenient and functional warehouse and manufacturing areas in Moscow and the Moscow region to our clients. We will select the most optimal option based on your requirements and wishes within the shortest time and at low rates.

Lease of manufacturing and warehouse areas

Before leasing manufacturing and warehouse areas, it is required to define its purpose, basic properties as well as its location, analysis of competitive environment and available potential clients at the chosen territory. Convenient location of the warehouse affects solving of many logistics issues, successful interaction between clients and suppliers and, consequently, income level of a company. Lease of warehouse and manufacturing areas has its peculiarities that are important to consider when searching for a suitable option. First of all it is related to the ratio of lease cost and warehouse functionality. There are two categories of warehouse areas:

  • A or B. They are well equipped and have good finishing along with high cost.
  • C or D. They have more available cost due to less developed infrastructure.

Lease of a warehouse complex

Many companies prefer to lease premises in warehouse complexes. This option allows selection of a warehouse area in the Moscow region or in Moscow, that has appropriate area (from area for storage of large cargos to a small warehouse). You may solve the security issues, garbage and waste removal issues, fire safety. Lease of a warehouse complex is a perfect option for storage of products of different purpose.

Lease of a warehouse (Kashirskoye shosse)

For those who cannot afford leasing a warehouse in Moscow we offer warehouses in the Moscow region in Kashirshoye shossee area. Warehouses in the south of Moscow have excellent transport accessibility and are appropriate for the most types of storage. Lease of the warehouse located at Kashirskoye shosse from MEGA-STROY Company is a profitable investment and a guarantee of successful development of your business.

In today’s market conditions many companies choose to lease land plots in the Moscow region or other regions based on the economic benefit from this deal. First of all, this is related to the areas having commercially beneficial location and land plots of agricultural purpose. Increase of cost for this type of resource that is observed in Russia during last decades imposes certain limitation on purchase of land plots. In this situation long-term lease of territory with the right of its later purchase might be the way out that is offered by many owners in Moscow and the Moscow region nowadays.

Purchase of land plots for construction of warehouses is becoming a very beneficial initiative not only for the companies engaged in commercial real estate but for all who want to make profitable investments in the prospective activity field. The main advantage of this offer is relatively low cost of the land applicable for construction of warehousing facilities as well as fast payback period due to high demand on commercial real estate nearby the capital.