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Construction of steel structure buildings

Construction of steel structure buildingsNowadays construction of rapidly erectable buildings on a steel frame is becoming more popular in our country. Advantages of buildings made of light steel structures include fast speed of construction, economic consumption of materials, lower cost of structures in comparison with cast-in-situ buildings.

Advantages of our company

  • MEGA-STROY team is a team of experienced architects, builders, designers who guarantee efficient solutions of tasks for erection of buildings of various area and structure.
  • We use modern technologies of BIM-design engineering which assume creation of 3D model of the constructed facility. Such approach allows to visualize internal and external architectural elements of a building with high precision.
  • Construction of steel structures on the construction site directly takes several months only or even less – it depends on a specific nature and area of a building. Provided that works do not depend on weather or climate conditions. The technology of construction does not envisage works on making cement mix which is not possible when temperature is low.
  • We have own fleet of specialized equipment, thus we can select the required equipment fast and it will be in fine technical condition always. All equipment has been manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturers.
  • Our company has vast experience in construction of buildings made of light steel structures. Since 2009 we have been the members of the Russia’s Builders Association delivering turn-key construction of facilities at high professional level.

We deliver all phases of works which include:

  • Development of an individual design which will 100% meet your requirements, manufacturing or business tasks.
  • Preparation of a building’s foundation in compliance with the approved design.
  • Preparation of a preassembled frame made of steel structures.
  • Installation of the frame on the foundation.
  • Installation of walls, flooring, spans, roofing.
  • Exterior and interior finishing works, installation of all modern utilities.
  • Commissioning of the project.

Construction of steel structure buildingsConstruction of steel structure buildings is one of priority activities of MEGA-STROY, LLC. In our work we tend to implement our obligations on 100% by developing and implementing projects of various complexity precisely within the established period.

What does the cost of construction of the steel structure building depend on?

Cost of construction is defined under a number of the following parameters:

  • Cost of frame elements of steel structures (total amount will depend on area and structural elements). Price is calculated based on the weight of the elements which are required for erection of the building.
  • Type of the roof, options for exterior and interior finishing works.
  • Cost of design engineering shall be defined based on its specific nature.
  • Price of foundation works, frame installation works, cladding, heat insulation, finishing works.

What buildings we build

MEGA-STROY has vast experience in construction of steel structure buildings of various purpose. We have all required resources for fast erection of commercial real estate projects, including:

  • shopping and entertainment centers;
  • industrial buildings;
  • administrative buildings;
  • car services and parkings;
  • warehouses;
  • security points, etc.

Light steel structure buildings may have various purpose, area, structure and number of floors.

Types of materials used for construction

Construction of steel structure buildingsConstruction of steel structure buildings assumes use of modern materials which are lighter in comparison with reinforced concrete structural elements. The building’s frame is not made of traditional material like brick, concrete, reinforced concrete, but of light profiles 8-40 mm wide made of hot rolled steel. This material is distinguished by high rigidity thus providing reliability of structures.

Used steel structures have many advantages:

  • Relatively small weight in comparison with traditional materials. This gives opportunity to reduce the foundation load thus it allows to use lighter foundations which are rapidly erectable and cheap.
  •  High precision. Light steel structures (LSS) are thicker in comparison with thin-walled structures (TWS) and because of that they are able to bear higher dynamic and static loads. That is why it is almost impossible to deform the building’s frame.
  • Simple installation. It is provided due to modern fixing of the frame’s details which are prefabricated and are easily joint with each other at the site like a kid’s construction set.
  • Big variety of internal space planning options is achieved due to absence of big number of partitions.
  • The steel structure building is distinguished with high seismic stability.

MEGA-STROY has been constructing steel structure buildings in Moscow and the Moscow region for many years, thus we have reputation of a responsible, honest and credible provider of services for construction of industrial and commercial real estate.