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Design of industrial buildings is one of the most important stages of preparation for construction. These activities shall include precise calculation of factors influencing total cost of construction as well as convenience and economy of further exploitation of the industrial complex as a whole.

Their main ones are listed below:

  • consideration of all client’s requirements and desires regarding peculiarities of manufacturing and auxiliary buildings;
  • development of offers on optimization of construction plan, used materials and period of the project’s commissioning;
  • provision of power supply and technological independency of the enterprise (planning of available own boiler house, transformer substation, storm water drainage system, waste water treatment facilities, etc.).

Having 10-years successful experience of work on the Russian construction market, MEGA-STROY, LLC will deliver you the design of industrial buildings and structures from the point of view of the faultless design where all of the above requirements are considered, and the speed of passing of different expertise – federal, regional, special – is also considered.

Performing not only as a design organization but also as a general contractor, MEGA-STROY will provide with:

  • high quality of design of the construction projects
  • significant increase of processing of all approvals, permits, expertise at the preparatory stage as well as commissioning tests of the ready project.

Design of industrial projects of any complexity and purpose

If you have not selected yet the company that will deliver qualitative and fast design of industrial projects as well as the company that will deliver construction works of the planned buildings then please, pay attention to the advantages of MEGA-STROY, LLC over the competitors:

  • big work experience on the Russian construction market (over 10 years);
  • available 350 units of specialized construction machinery;
  • available own design, control, M&P, gas and other departments and laboratories;
  • hundreds of commissioned projects of industrial, commercial and residential purpose that are successfully operating nowadays
  • numerous positive feedbacks of our clients on constructed shops, warehouses, shopping centers, office buildings, etc.

MEGA-STROY, LLC delivers full range of works: from realization of the client’s ideas into a real high profile modern project and receipt of all approvals and permits for commissioning of the project on a turnkey basis with issue of all required documents including protocols of the acceptance tests and property rights. All types of work are under warranty as well as delivery period and estimated construction cost.

If you value your time and care about rational money investments then address to MEGA-STROY – we are able to fulfill any task whether it is design of office buildings or commissioning of a big plant.