MEGA-STROY, LLC performs design of distribution complexes, manufacturing structures and warehouses. Our work experience, available required equipment and qualified employees allow delivering typical and individual projects of any complexity including dangerous ones.

Development of design documentation for power distribution systems is a complex task that cannot be completed without certain available permissions and licenses. Our company has all required certificates that allow delivering all scope of design works.

MEGA-STROY – professional design works

  • Delivery of projects of transformer substations and distribution units.
  • Development of projects of distribution units and packaged transformer substations of manufacturing structures.
  • Projects of power transfer lines.
  • Projects of internal power supply networks.
  • Assistance in obtainment of permit documentation of the relevant supervising authorities.
  • Preparation of initial data before start of the project development.
  • Other design services related to distribution complexes.

Works on design of distribution complexes comprise relevant clarifications on use of materials, assembly works, commissioning and protection equipment.

Cost of preparation of design documentation will be calculated based on the surveying data, technical conditions, etc.

If required we will also perform field supervision and project management at all its stages meeting the established terms.

Advantages of orders in MEGA-STROY, LLC;

  • Our company has own design department consisting of high-qualified specialists.
  • The projects envisage use of highly economical equipment and devices with modern ways of automated control.
  • The proposed technical solutions are based on the principles of reliability, economical profitability when delivering the project and during its further operation.

Technological equipment is designed considering optimal accommodation for convenient maintenance and further repair activities.