For example, a standard warehouse:

Quality of roofing and installation of roof cover influences reliability and durability of a building operation as a whole.

ROOF COMPOSITION. To arrange flat roof with inner water drainage the following roof pie will be used:

  1. PVC membrane, thickness 1.2 mm;
  2. Glass-fiber, density 90 g/m2, thickness 0.5 mm;
  3. Expanded polystyrene slabs, density 16.6-19.5 kg/m3, KNAUF Term Roog, thickness 50 mm;
  4. Basalt based mineral wool heat insulation, density 110±10% kg/m3, thickness 150 mm (above storage area) and additional 50 cm (above in-built administrative and amenity facilities);
  5. Steam insulation (polyethylene film) 200 mic, thickness 0.2 mm;
  6. Profiled sheeting

RELIABLE WATER INSULATION of the roof is provided by:

  • Quality of materials it consists of;
  • Roofing technology;
  • System of internal water drainage with high flow rate.

SMOKE HATCHES open automatically and are used as an additional lighting source of a warehouse as well as they are used for creation of conditions of efficient firefighting.


  • This proposed roof type provides efficient heat, sound and water insulation;
  • The structure has maximal fire resistance level;
  • Additional day lighting through smoke hatches;
  • Processibility of installation and used materials will reduce the period of construction.