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Construction of storm water sewage system

Construction of storm water sewage systemConstruction of storm water sewage system is one of the main activities of MEGA-STROY. Our qualified staff has big experience in development and implementation of projects of any complexity related to maintenance of industrial enterprises and commercial real estate facilities.

Delivered functions

Construction of storm water sewage system allows to protect the territory of industrial or civil facilities from storm and melt water. Storm water drainage system is in high demand not only at industrial enterprises but also at large retail and administrative centers, parkings, petrol stations, warehouses and at many other facilities.

The operational principle of the system consists of installation of the water drainage with the slope wherein storm water will go to the specially installed collecting wells. When erecting the storm water sewage, it is very important to make the preliminary calculation of the system’s performance rate which allows to implement the assigned tasks efficiently. The complex system of water drainage helps not only to remove storm or melt water from the land plot, but also it helps to provide with compliance of the environment with the sanitary and hygiene standards.

Removal of storm water from the industrial facilities

When designing the storm water sewage system of industrial facilities, the optimal solution is to install treatment elements:

  • Sand traps are equipment and grids giving opportunity to hold small particles of garbage and sand granules brought by the water flow. At some industrial enterprises the optimal is to use both sand traps and oil separators (fuel and lubricants).
  • Sorption type filters allow to clean the waste water from oil refinery products and suspended solids.

Construction of storm water sewage systemAt the industrial enterprises there can occur various waste waters which differ in quantity and proportions of harmful content therein as well as in their toxic level. That is why the waste water sewage at the enterprise can be implemented with various methods.

There are two drastically different schemes of construction:

  • At small enterprises having small amounts of waste water the general layout system is optimal. This system assumes treatment of the waste water in the local wastewater treatment facilities with further transit of water to one waste waters where they unite with household waste water or storm water.
  • At large enterprises it is more reasonable to use separate systems of water removal for household, storm and industrial waste waters. When constructing separate systems there is an opportunity to reuse the water in manufacturing processes.

The specialists define the optimal type of the system after analysis of many initial specifications. Due to correct calculation and design engineering there is reduction of payments and duties for discharge of waste waters in the municipal waste water systems.

Factors to be considered during design engineering

  • Natural slopes and rises available on a land plot.
  • Speed of storm water discharge.
  • Type of soil on a land plot.
  • Available various underground pipelines (if any).
  • Available water bodies on the territory.
  • Depth of location of the equipment.
  • Filling of storm water collectors.

Stages of design development

Our experienced engineers develop the design considering specific nature of the facility and other of the above factors.

The storm water sewage is designed according to the following algorithm:

  • Analysis of peculiarities of the land plot terrain.
  • Processing of all required documentation.
  • Determination of type and density of soil.
  • Analysis of locations of ground water.
  • Determination of a discharge location.
  • Selection of the main type of the sewage system. Depending on the value of the natural slope angle the specialists may select whether a pump system or a natural flow system.
  • Determination of the area wherefrom the storm water shall be collected.
  • Making a scheme containing locations of all facilities constituting the storm water sewage system.

The design of the water removal system shall be in compliance with SNiP dated 2.04.03 – 85 which regulates the current standards. Besides, at the stage of design approval processing the sewage system shall be approved by the sanitary and epidemiology service and authorities responsible for control and regulation of water.

Cost of installation of the system

Calculation of the construction cost is individual and depends on a number of factors. Climate peculiarities of the locality and residue levels are highly important. This data is very important for development of the design of the storm water sewage system and defines its performance rate. If there are any artificial water bodies nearby the land plot, it is also required to consider the possibility of their overflow which might become additional load for the storm water sewage system.

The most important factors of price engineering are:

  • Price of used materials which is defined by their type. The system’s elements may be made of PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene and high strength composite materials.
  • Type, capacity, performance rate and other peculiarities of the used equipment.
  • Length of disposal and water discharging pipelines.
  • Operation of the system: whether it is aimed only for removal of storm water or for disposal and treatment.
  • Size of the system, number of additional equipment: trays, channels, wells, etc.

What is included in the complex services of our company?

  • Construction of storm water sewage systemDesign engineering of the storm water sewage systems considering all required parameters.
  • Selection of materials for structures in compliance with the design and Client’s wishes.
  • Delivery of the equipment and components to industrial and civil facilities.
  • Complex erection of all components of the equipment.
  • Service maintenance and repair of systems.
  • Works on optimization of the existing sewage systems.

Advantages of ordering works in MEGA-STROY

  • We do professional design engineering and erection of all kinds and modifications of the storm water sewage system.
  • The works are processed fast and in complex – we are responsible for all stages of installation of waste water systems guaranteeing their reliability and quality.
  • We have established partner connections with reliable suppliers of the equipment and purchase materials and equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers of components and engineering systems. The storm water sewage system is made of sealed pipelines which provide with high values of strength under dynamic and static loads.
  • When operated correctly, the storm water sewage system will serve for many decades.

Our experienced specialists will select materials and equipment in the optimal ratio of cost, durability and efficiency.