Over the last decades cast-in-situ construction has become one of the most widespread and actual technologies having a number of advantages.

Peculiarities of the technology

The technology of multi-storied cast-in-situ construction assumes use of reinforced concrete structures that provide with opportunity to erect structures of different height and shape. The building’s structure is based on a solid reinforced concrete frame. Provided that internal partitions act as bearing walls.

Advantages of cast-in-situ construction

  • Cast-in-situ construction allows meeting the demands for erection of projects of any parameters and configurations.
  • The technology does not have strictly limited layouts of internal space – various architectural and design solutions may be applied here.
  • Such buildings have long operational period.
  • Use of modern technologies of cast-in-situ construction allows reducing period of construction of a real estate facility the most.
  • Fine heat insulating parameters and sound insulating characteristics become possible due to use of modern insulating materials.
  • Optimization of indicators of material consumption per building.

Our Company has been working on the commercial real estate market since 2009. During this period, we have developed, delivered and commissioned numerous projects using modern technologies of cast-in-situ construction.