Lighting — MEGA-STROY


For example, a standard warehouse:

Quality of lighting for warehouse and manufacturing buildings is achieved due to energy saving lighting systems that meet the requirements of economic efficiency and durability as well as they increase manufacturing capacity and labor safety.

MOTION SENSORS regulate automatic lighting switch on/off in all building areas. The street lighting system will be equipped with automatic lighting switch on/off sensors during night/day time.

RELIABLE LIGHTING FIXTURES for a warehouse with high protection level, waterproof connection of elements and special sealant prevent occurrence of moisture and dust. All lighting fixture sets include integrated switch devices. Lighting fixtures for charging rooms are explosion proof.

EMERGENCY LIGHTING FIXTURES are equipped with batteries for 1 hour of autonomous work.

MAXIMUM ENERY SAVING will be provided by LED lighting fixtures (as per the client’s requirements).


  • Motion sensor lighting saves over 20% of energy;
  • Reliable lighting equipment for a warehouse with high protection level;
  • Use of LED lighting reduces power consumption by 70% and simplifies maintenance of the lighting system significantly due to long-term life cycle – up to 50 years.