EXPERTISE. MEGASTROY has significant experience in industrial flooring and uses the latest systems and technologies. The Company owns specialized equipment for precise concrete and polymer cast-in-place flooring.

INTERNATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS. In modern logistics complexes, where high rack storage (over 8 m) systems are used, there are special requirements to the floor regularity. Precise (super flat) concrete floors are required there and their quality is regulated by standards DIN 18202, Concrete society technical report. PERMABAN unique technologies of load distribution, crash protection when heavy loading equipment is in operation, are used.

RELIABILITY. Depending on the purpose of premises, industrial concrete floors are made with Master Top strengthened top layer, skid-resistant, dustproof, antistatic surface.

In the premises of an office and warehouse complex, precise concrete flooring will be made. Uniformly distributed load on the concrete floor in the storage area is upto 8 t/m2. Floor slabs of mezzanine, office and technical areas will be made of M400 grade concrete (B30) with uniformly distributed load 1.5 t/m2.

MEGASTROY Company offers wide range of efficient technologies in the field of production of concrete floors. These covers have high strength, exclusive stability towards chemical impact, decorative properties and durability.

The cover technology includes base preparation (wheel lasting treatment of the concrete base), mixing of initial components and application of several layers of high colored composition on the base.

Changing the composition makes possible to vary in wide limits visco-elastic properties of the cover, its chemical strength, high temperature resistance, conductivity, resistance towards impact of climate factors.

Use of high quality initial materials and the special technology of concrete flooring provide high resistance in the conditions of intensive abrasive and blasting wear, impact of high mechanical loads (movement of mechanical trolleys, cars, etc.), changeable humidity, impact of UV radiation and chemical aggressive environments.


  • Opportunity of work of high speed modern specialized equipment. Special regularity of flooring extends the period of operation of the equipment and the flooring itself;
  • Increased floor load provides with flexibility of premises use due to opportunity of installation of any modern rack systems including narrow passway racks, double deep, drilled rack systems;
  • Such flooring is long-standing, safe in operation as it has low dust segregation.