The initial stage of the construction of any project is a vertical levelling of the land plot – terrain levelling procedure in view to provide the right functioning of future structure and its adjacent territory. This type of works is mandatory for the construction plan, as it is almost impossible to find the site with the plain soil.

Tasks to be solved during work processing

The design works of this type are aimed at solving a complex of tasks, the first one is to provide with the complete removal of extra surface waters of residual and flood source. To solve this problem the profile of the land territory plays the main role, which ideally should contribute to directing the surface waters to the storm water drainage system.

Along with solving the water removal issues the process of vertical levelling touches the following aspects:

  • provisioning of the conditions for convenient transportation of vehicles and pedestrians on the territory adjacent to the future structure
  • shaping the terrain esthetically expressive forms that meet the configuration of the buildings
  • formation of the environment favorable for growth of trees, bushes and grass vegetation in view to save the ecological equilibrium on the territory for construction of the commercial real estate project
  • elimination of soil erosion risks and strengthening of the plot with significant difference in levels due to specific structures.

Main stages of works

The considering type of works is processed in several stages engaging experienced specialists of relevant qualification. At the initial stage, the preliminary scheme of the territory is made and that is a starting point for conduct of relevant calculations. After creation of such scheme, the detailed design is developed used red marks, red horizons, design profiles and other methods.

Besides the design:

  • the precise list of required earthworks is made
  • the required number of excavating equipment is calculated.

When selecting the specialized equipment the current condition of access roads, expected project and type of works are considered. The most frequent bulldozers are used to make these operations, also excavators and large cargo vehicles. If required, graders and specific equipment of other type may be engaged during work processing.

Cost of operations

When calculating the cost of vertical land levelling the significant characteristics of the available terrain including its geological composition, crossing degree, etc. are considered. Such factors as area of the land plot, number of technical and labour resources influence the construction estimate. The detailed consultation on this issue you may receive from the specialists of our company in our office or by the phone indicated on our web site.