MEGA-STROY, LLC offers to its clients efficient solutions of plant reconstruction. Huge experience in restoration of abandoned premises and transformation of destroyed buildings allows our specialist developing independent design of all required stages of consequent works. Modernization and reconstruction of a plant is a long process of complex activities on formation and bringing to operation of all systems and supporting structures. Plant reconstruction is made under the planned schedule and is precisely in compliance with the contract of the general contracting services. The company has experienced modernization of:

  • abandoned sugar manufacturing plants;
  • factories on production of spirits and soluble substances;
  • production and design of boilers.

Individual orders of large-scale works require supply of definite equipment to the site to conduct automated repair works. Specialists of MEGA-STROY, LLC have required materials and tools so it is not required to pay for its rent or make some additional payments.

Peculiarities of formation of the contract for a plant reconstruction

In MEGA-STROY, LLC there is a contract concluded with the client on the first construction stage. This document specifies terms and separate types of works for a complete reconstruction of a plant officially. The project undergoes full analysis by professional researchers and proposals for the building modernization are presented for consideration. Coordination and control over construction progressing are at all stages from launching works to commissioning and from commissioning works to operation. MEGA-STROY, LLC offers to the clients:

  • modern approach and automated equipment to expedite the reconstruction progressing;
  • cost reduction of the construction processing;
  • selection of materials of high quality and assistance in their purchase;
  • increase of profitability during further operation;
  • free consultations at every stage of construction works.

Coordination and creation of planning and design templates expedite work processing by the contractor at the site significantly. There are construction estimates and complex calculation of each separate point. Due to that, the client and the contractor have completely open cooperation. Delivery of all construction concepts, complete and partial reconstruction are the phases having available price along with the specialists of MEGA-STROY, LLC.

Our projects:

Replacement of the roof pie in the firefighting sections and local repairs of the building’s roof.

Design and assembly of the system for waste water automated drain, transportation and temporary storage after cleaning of the equipment at the food manufacturing plant.

Location: Azov, Rostov region

Duration of works: 01.03.2017 – 01.06.2017

Client: Frito Lay Manufacturing, LLC


Construction of the control unit of the sprinkler firefighting system at the food manufacturing plant.

Location: Kashira, Moscow region

Duration of works: 20.30.2017. – 20.05.2017

Client; Frito Lay Manufacturing, LLC