The road construction department of MEGA-STROY, LLC provides full range of road construction works: construction of roads of any category, earthworks, concreting, asphalting and concreting, road cover repair as well as installation of utility networks: water supply pipelines, sewerage, power supply cables 10 kV and 0.4 kV and external lighting. For a year over 1 200 000 sq.m. of roads and hardstanding areas have been built, 12 500 meters of collectors of different purpose have been installed, 14 500 m of cables.

MEGA-STROY, LLC delivers works using modern construction materials and technologies, owns its fleet of modern high performance specialized equipment that provides high quality of works and adherence to construction technology.

The company has relevant licenses and certificates. The road construction department consists of experienced high-qualified engineering staff.

Total of right staff selection, engineering and technical staff and workers expertise, available modern road construction equipment allows delivering complex all seasonal and fast construction, thus providing the world’s standard quality.