(Русский) Участок №7

(Русский) 0,36 Га

25 000 000 руб. без НДС

(Русский) Московская область, Домодедово, промзона Северное Домодедово

(Русский) Земельный участок под размещение объектов коммерческой недвижимости (деловое управление; объекты торговли), площадью 0,36 Га.

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Purchase of land plots for construction of warehouses is becoming a very beneficial initiative not only for the companies engaged in commercial real estate but for all who want to make profitable investments in the prospective activity field. The main advantage of this offer is relatively low cost of the land applicable for construction of warehousing facilities as well as fast payback period due to high demand on commercial real estate nearby the capital. Despite purchase of land for a warehouse is one of the most popular examples of real estate deals in the capital region, it is on easy to find a suitable option. Along with lack of the land plots of good quality that are good for commercial and industrial construction, the process of legislative execution of the deal is quite difficult procedure that requires certain time, knowledge and efforts. Below we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding purchase of a land plot for a warehouse in the Moscow region. First of all, it is worth remembering that not every free land plot can be used for construction of warehouse premises. The plots for warehouse erecting shall belong whether to industrial lands or to settlement lands. However, it is difficult to get them due to limited territories and high demand. There are also lands of agricultural purpose but the law forbids to build any commercial buildings there. For that it is required to obtain transfer of such lands to one of the above mentioned categories. This moment is the most complicated as the transfer process is accompanied with many bureaucratic difficulties, big number of approval documents, high cost of process itself and long execution period. After the required land plot is found and all procedures for construction permit are over it is required to consider a number of important criteria:

  • Available utility networks on the territory such as gas and power supply, telecommunication and connection facilities;
  • Transport accessibility, available convenient access roads, proximity of big car roads railway roads, if applicable;
  • Land area for construction;
  • Terrain and geographic peculiarities of the area;
  • Image of the seller and available required documents if the land is purchased not from the state but from the precious owner.

Advantages of the land purchase from the owner MEGA-STROY Company, having leading positions on the commercial real estate market, offers you to buy a land plot for a warehouse in the Moscow region at a reasonable price. Having its own land plots, the company has a wide range of options that have been initially selecting considering convenient location, available required communication facilities and developed infrastructure. Due to this, when purchasing the land plot for a warehouse with our assistance you receive the most beneficial offers. Besides, it is much cheaper to purchase the land plot for construction of the functional warehouse from the owner than from the third parties. Thus, you will save significant amount of money and will not risk quality and reliability. Our specialists will help you to execute all required documents and will provide with qualified consultation at all deal stages. Peculiarities of the land purchase for warehouses When purchasing the land plot for warehouse construction, it is required to observe the same precautions as when having other deals with land or real estate. It is required: To check property rights of the seller by requesting the Unified State Register of Real Estate Rights and Transactions; To study all seller’s documents in accordance with the seller has received his property rights carefully; To conduct an independent legal expertise of the land plot condition that will also estimate its real price and will display other required data that is important for further land plot operation/ Our company can assist you in the above activities that is why you will be able to purchase a land plot as soon as possible, safe and having no problems. All you issues regarding purchase of the land plot for a warehouse you may address to our specialists by phones on our web site.