For example, a standard warehouse:

POWER SUPPLY is available in the amount that is required for normal operation of the complex including 100 kVA backup.

To provide the first power supply category, a diesel generator unit with its capacity that is required for non-emergency operation of the complex is installed. The generator will be mounted in a special weather and sound protective container. The launch of the generator is within 10 minutes in the automatic mode when the main power source is switched off. Operation time of the generator without refueling is not less than 24 hours.

RELIABLE EQUIPMENT. Legrand, ABB, Schneider electric, General Electric, Siemens equipment is used as a communication and protective distribution boards. All power supply network cables are in non-flammable shell.


  • in case of stoppage of the main power supply, 100% backup allows continuing operation of the warehouse in the standard mode;
  • use of qualitative electric equipment allows increasing fire safety significantly as well as guarantees uninterruptable power supply for continuous operation of the warehouse.