For example, a standard warehouse:


Firefighting systems of a building are made in compliance with the Factory Mutual Global international standard as well as in compliance with the requirements of Russian fire safety regulations:

  • Use of non-flammable materials;
  • Increase of water stocks in independent tanks;
  • Doubling of key fire safety systems;
  • Increase of water distribution by 3 times comparing to the Russian standards;
  • Covering of building’s bearing elements with fire proof materials.

A RELIABLE FIREFIGHTING SYSTEM with doubled elements minimizes risks of failure and do fight the fire due to much bigger water distribution.


  • Water micro spraying approach allows eliminating started fire efficiently and minimizes damages of finishing surfaces, equipment, etc.;
  • Application of international standards of industrial safety allows cooperating with foreign companies having high requirements that the Russian standards do meet completely;
  • Minimal risks of property loss. This approach is applied by global insurance companies to insure commercial and industrial real estate.