Longstanding work experience allows MEGA-STROY delivering wide range of works in the sector of commercial real estate including design of shopping centers of different type and their further construction and commissioning.

Due to our highly qualified specialists – architects and designers, engineers and builders – we deliver all types of works within the shortest periods of time striving for maximal satisfaction of requirements of our business partners. Addressing to MEGA-STROY, you may count on the competent approach to design processing and strict observance of all contractual obligations.

Types of shopping centers

The specialists define several types of the above projects that differ in their areas, number of stories and other operational parameters. Small district shops totaling from 1500 to 3000 sq.m. belong to the first group. Besides there are the following on the market:

  • district centers totaling 47000 sq.m., several field specific retail operators may be there
  • multi-storied super district shopping centers totaling 90000 sq.m. having convenient location nearby main transport routes;
  • regional shopping centers of any number of stories accommodating several supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, leisure areas and other facilities.

Peculiarities of design

Design of each category of projects has its peculiarities and their consideration influences convenience of the future building, its functionality, operational durability and profitability. The project development comprises:

  • creation of the concept of the complex with definition of the main technical and operational characteristics of the building;
  • development of the architectural project and the structure’s plan considering requirements in retail, amenity and administrative areas
  • formation of final version of architectural and planning documentation including layout of all communications.

In our organization, you may order services on design of a shopping center of any area with all required operational facilities. You may get detailed information in one of the company’s offices or via the contact form at our web site.