The main and eternal working principles of MEGA-STROY, LLC are reliability, quality and high construction speed. The Company guaranties implementation of its obligations having its own strong processing and construction base:
  • Shops of plasma arc cutting of black steel, aluminum and stainless steel
  • Own equipment fleet – over 230 units of specialized equipment
  • In view to deliver the projects, the Company unites only high-profile architects, designers, structural engineers and construction specialists.

MEGA-STROY, LLC is steadily heading to independent processing of a complete cycle of construction works. Quality policy is applicable to all structural levels and is mandatory for implementation by all services, departments and employees! In view of above, in April 2008 the Company’s management system was certified under ISO 9001:2000 international standards by the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. Any industrial construction comprises several stages, and the first of them is design – prototyping of the future project. The design documentation is a final result of the order for the project design and allows delivering initial construction, restoration or reconstruction of the project. Only duly made design, specifications and diagrams allow erecting a credible building. Our specialists shall do for you:
  • Project design;
  • Design of industrial projects;
  • Design of warehousing complexes;
  • Design of project utility and supply systems;
  • Design of structures of different purposes;
  • Design of reconstruction of buildings and structures.
There are both typical and individual project designs are available. When making individual project design, there are parts of typical projects, assembly elements and architectural solutions used. This is based on processing and economic practicability. Such approach allows using standard equipment, materials and machinery (e.g. formwork or wall panels). When designing the project the following is considered: climate conditions of the project’s location, availability and accessibility of materials, reduction of labor force and power consumption. Our specialists follow the latest and cutting-edge materials and include them in the project design if required. This original approach will distinguish your building from huge number of commonplace boxes. The peculiarities of the corporate style may be considered, the shared style project design and composition will make the buildings of the company’s chain recognizable and memorable. Provided that credibility and robustness of the project will not suffer from the project’s innovation. Most often orders for individual design arise due to requirements to restore or to overbuild the project. In this case first of all credibility of the initial building is considered, decisions on strengthening of separate joints and connections are made, architectural requirements are considered. This renewed building shall correlate surrounding structures and the  building itself. Many customers choose the way of work segregation into stages and engage different contractors in different working stages. But ideally design and construction shall be performed under supervision of the same General Contractor or the same construction complex. That is the only way the period of work processing and commissioning will be observed. As there is no opportunity to blame a previous contractor or a  designer, each department of MEGA-STROY, LLC implements works of high quality and in the shortest time, so that both equipment and specialists are not suspended. There is one more advantage this centrally managed design and construction. Any defects are rectified by one company. It is not required to figure out why, for example, tiling has stuck away. Or shall the designers be blamed for that they have not considered soil peculiarities and the building has settled? Or maybe unevenness of cladding made the plasterers put thicker layer of plaster? Or maybe tilers saved glue? Or who will pay for rectification of this problem? The liability taken by the holding solved all these issues unanimously. We do guarantee quality and high construction speed!