The mandatory condition of delivery of any project on erection of commercial real estate projects is receipt of the construction or reconstruction permit that is issued by the authorized state authority.

Under the standards of the Urban Construction Code of the Russian Federation, this document is required for start of works on erection/reconstruction of any project if it is envisaged to change the structural integrity or its main structural peculiarities that might influence the building safety in its general design.

Documents that are required for the procedure

Procedure of issue the documentation is regulated by the current laws according to which it is required to submit the application in the approved form to the structural department of the relevant state authority. This application shall be accompanied with the documents that are defined by the law:

  • Land plot documentation confirming the ownership right or long-term lease of the land user;
  • Cadaster passport, land plot territory plan and design documentation of future structure;
  • Technical conditions of utility services that strictly regulate the sequence and technology of connection to the building of life supporting communications.

Professional assistance of MEGA-STROY

The present legislation of the Russian Federation envisage 10-day period when the representatives of relevant authorities study the provided documentation. Based on the result of such inspection there is a resolution on issue or non-issue of the required document.

The defining condition of the successful processing of the construction permit is an available competent engineering and technical design that is a base for planning of processing of civil and commissioning works. In case if there are any mistakes found in the technical design of the project then the document might be sent for further development thus increasing the period of the permit approval.

In MEGA-STROY, LLC that has been in this market since 2006, only experienced specialists having relevant qualification deal with the development of projects thus allowing our clients receive the required documentation and certificates within the shortest period of time.