To lease or to purchase a warehouse? Management of many companies operating in the field of goods and commodities turnover has this question. The vast majority of the companies leases premises. Some directors decide to erect a complex on their own or search for offers for sale of warehouses wanting to obtain ownership of them

It depends on the company’s growth strategy, its financial capacities and its specific activity. Many directors have common opinion that lease of warehouses is much cheaper than their purchase or construction, and note that temporary use has many other advantages. Why obtaining ownership of warehousing real estate is so seldom? Such service as sale of warehousing premises is less required due to a number of reasons.

  • It requires bigger nonrecurring investment. Many companies cannot afford it at the initial growth stage. Only legal entities having big start capital and sure in fast economic return obtain ownership of warehouses.
  • Many enterprises require not permanent but temporary storage of goods and commodities. In this case, purchase and later maintenance of the property is not worth it.
  • It is very often that the companies run their business in several regions. Product storage and sale points can vary constantly. In this case, lease of warehousing property that meets the dimensions and location requirements is more beneficial.

One of the main peculiarities of the modern business running is mobility. That is why temporary use of the commercial brislings is more often. Usually these are big enterprises that are engaged into mass or series production of any product obtain the project in ownership. Advantages of lease of warehousing property

  • No spending on erection and maintenance of complexes. Most often, well-secured properties are leased. All standards required by supervising authorities are observed. Garbage disposal is arranged. The relevant fire safety level is provided. Due to these peculiarities, the budget is saved significantly.
  • It is possible to select the most convenient location of the premises. This will allow to achieve the most profitable cooperation with suppliers and clients. There will be cost reduction on fuel and product delivery.
  • The lessor proposes the property with different technical equipment. It is possible, for example, to avoid spending on construction of refrigerating rooms or purchase of the loader.

All above factors say that the lease of the warehousing complex is a perfect option for companies engaged in sale and purchase of products and commodities.