Operational activity of any commercial company is hardly imagined without its brain center that is its office. However, if the company is a new one and it has just started its business way then purchase of office areas might turn to be an unbearable burden for its budget. The perfect solution in this situation is to lease office or commercial areas Every lessee has his priorities when selecting leasing areas. Mostly it depends on the business filed and the business size. The first aspects the lessee is interested are:

  • Exterior of the leasing buildings;
  • Location (down town, nearby other offices or separately from all, in a particular location of a town/city);
  • Available warehousing areas nearby the office.

As a rule, small companies try to lease areas in residential houses or on the territory of another company or enterprise. And large companies often lease a whole building that is sometimes furnished with many auxiliary facilities. To define the real cost of office lease it is recommended to invite a real estate specialist who will select the most profitable options, will help to make the final choice, will clarify certain details. Let’s assume that the leased office requires some repairs then it is important to discuss with the lessor opportunity to reduce the lease fee considering spending on future repair works. Office lease assume careful consideration with all documentation of the owner’s rights. It is worth clarifying whether security, Internet and phone connection, utility services are included on the lease fee. The independent search for the suitable office from the owner might be unlucky. Besides, searching without proper experience will take a lot of efforts, money and time. That is why it is better to hand over this issue to the one who manages to do it and has vivid professional interest in it. What is meant here is the employees of the capital real estate agency. Targets and tasks of a lease agreement

Available utility networks, Internet, transportation accessibility and proximity of canteen facilities are among the requirements of lessees from in Moscow and other Russian cities to office premises. Particular requirements to the lease depend on the business the company is doing. For example, when signing the lease agreements startup companies have not very high requirements to eh office accessibility as usually their clients visit this office under prior arrangement. But for the companies rendering tourist or legal services, office accessibility for mass visits is almost the most important aspect of their works. And on the contrary some companies require calm atmosphere and they use premises only for internal activity but not for client visits