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Construction of steel structure warehouses

Construction of steel structure warehousesFramed warehouses are erected much faster if compared with traditional brick or reinforced concrete structures. Besides, their construction is less costly. That is why nowadays construction of steel structure warehouses is a modern and economically efficient process of erection of areas for storage of various products.

Advantages of framed warehouses

Operational and technical specifications of these rapidly erectable buildings are very high. Advantages of steel structure buildings:

  • low cost;
  • simple installation (no welding is required as all details are fixed with bolts);
  • large selection of architectural solutions for planning of internal spaces;
  • movability of a building (it is possible to change dimensions of the warehouse fast and if required it can be relocated);
  • small weight of elements (it is not required to erect complicated foundations);
  • efficient and rational use of warehouse areas;
  • durability of a building and minimal care;
  • full compliance with all fire and environmental safety standards.

Construction of steel structure warehousesCivil works for erection of such warehouse can be conducted even in winter time. After construction warehouses can be instantly put into operation as there is no shrinkage.

Erection of warehouse facilities from steel structures

The warehouses of this type are a steel frame covered with sandwich panels or profiled sheeting. During development of the design, peculiarities and functional purpose of the building as well as conditions of its future operation are carefully considered.

It is mandatory to consider the organization’s activity, equipment of the steel structure building and possible impact of aggressive natural occurrences on warehouses.

Civil works for erection of steel structure warehouses are conducted in phases:

  • development of design engineering and cost estimate;
  • preparation of a construction site;
  • erection of foundation;
  • installation and fixing of columns;
  • installation of a building’s frame;
  • installation of short sides and trusses of the building;
  • cladding with profiled sheets or sandwich panels.

Construction of steel structure warehousesBuildings made of steel structures have roof slope which does not allow snow on the roof to stay long thereon. Due to above during operation of the building it is not required to spend money on snow removal works.

Advantages of cooperation with MEGA-STROY

MEGA-STROY has a decade experience on the construction market. Professional architects and design engineers shall develop the design of a warehouse made of steel structures fast and brigades of experienced builders shall erect it within the shortest period of time. Own fleet of specialized and construction equipment as well as available own certified water supply, gas and power subdivisions allow to commission the structure at the earliest.