DESIGN ENGINEERING OF MANUFACTURING BUILDINGSMEGA-STROY provides with professional services for design engineering of manufacturing buildings.

Our company’s staff includes experienced and high-profile architects and design engineers, thus there is opportunity to design industrial buildings of various complexity and specific nature.

During this work we take into consideration the following design engineering principles:

  • provision of extreme efficiency of technological operations;
  • compliance of the manufacturing facilities with the existing rules and safety standards;
  • implementation of standard conditions and requirements to arrangement of working places;
  • provision of energy efficiency;
  • minimization of material costs;
  • reduction of construction period of a designed building.

Design engineering is made with modern BIM-technologies which allow considering numerous factors and predicting efficiency of manufacturing processes before construction of the plant starts.

Technical assignment for design engineering of a manufacturing facility

The 3D-model of the manufacturing building project is developed based on the special graphic document wherein there is shown functional connection between operational processes of the future plant. Such technological scheme is the basis of all project.

DESIGN ENGINEERING OF MANUFACTURING BUILDINGS The technical assignment for design engineering of manufacturing buildings includes:

  • information about a land plot where the plant erection is planed;
  • dimensions of the erected structure;
  • information about specific nature of the main technological process and consequence of the working operations that are done for its implementation at the manufacturing enterprise;
  • information about nature and accuracy level of works;
  • operational specifications of the technological equipment, its dimensions and locations;
  • general layouts of locations of amenity and storage rooms, access roads and underground structures;
  • information about peculiarities of traffic ways of crane and other transport equipment inside the workshops;
  • information about logistics of technological processes;
  • information about number of workers in one shift;
  • information about available ecologically hazardous components of the technological process;
  • information about distance from the designed building to residential facilities, water sources, power supply stations;
  • information about seismic peculiarities of the region of construction, terrain peculiarities of the land plot, available mine excavations, etc.

For efficient design engineering of industrial projects, it is mandatory to develop architectural, structural and technological solutions of the following facilities:

  • raw material storage rooms;
  • manufacturing buildings with plant workshops;
  • ready product storage rooms;
  • auxiliary and amenity rooms;
  • buildings for accommodation of workers;
  • rooms for engineering equipment and local treatment equipment.

Planning of manufacturing buildings

Planning is very important for efficient design engineering of manufacturing buildings and structures. During development of planning solutions MEGA-STROY’s specialists are guided with technological and applicable construction standards and regulations.

Provided that the following parameters of manufacturing buildings are taken into consideration:

  • Scheme of location of the building on the land plot meeting actual rules of land use and development.
  • Optimal space and planning solutions meeting dimensions of the whole building and its separate components such as manufacturing workshops, storage, household, engineering and amenity rooms.
  • Requirements to microclimate conditions of technological sites – humidity level, temperature modes, etc.
  • Technical requirements to the lux level of particular operational areas and the whole building.
  • Evacuation map of the plant’s personnel.
  • Requirements to the building’s engineering networks.
  • Description of activities for provision with the due level of fire safety.
  • Optimal solutions for landscaping of the adjacent territory – soft landscaping, construction of access roads.

DESIGN ENGINEERING OF MANUFACTURING BUILDINGSDesign engineering of the manufacturing building is made in compliance with the applicable state standards. The main structural elements of the building are columns, bearing walls, cladding elements, doors, under crane beams, etc.

We find optimal planning solutions which provide with:

  • Free traffic of personnel in the building and its separate workshops.
  • Convenient access to machines and equipment.
  • People and transport flows are not intercrossed.
  • Possible fast evacuation of personnel from the building in case of dangerous emergencies.

If required our specialists will take into consideration possible expansion of workshops, modernization of the plant, purchase of new equipment.

Specific nature of the technological process defines selection in favor of one of the types of the planning solutions:

  • Hall-type building. This planning type assumes fabrication of elements of big dimensions or use of large-scale equipment, such manufacturing buildings include, for example, hangars, open-hearth workshops and aircraft assembly plants.
  • Buildings with technological processes which are made along a single span using crane equipment.
  • Cell-type buildings. Traffic path of manufacturing lines and special transport are located between columns in this case.
  • Buildings with planning of the combined type give opportunity to combine advantages of all above-listed types efficiently.

During planning unified modules can be used, they allow increasing efficiency, production rate, speed of construction.

Design engineering of utilities of manufacturing and technical buildings

Due attention is paid to utilities and communication lines during design engineering of industrial buildings. MEGA-STROY’s specialists develop schemes of location, installation and connection of various utilities:

  • Heating systems. Their capacity, specific nature and location shall depend on height of the whole building and solutions for heat insulation that have been taken during design engineering of this manufacturing building. If height is big and heat insulation specifications are low, modern infrared heating systems which provide with heating of local working areas are used.
  • Lighting systems. Due attention is paid to arrangement of artificial lighting and limitation of sunlight access to the workshops of the manufacturing buildings. It is mandatory to work out all issues related to protection of buildings against critical values of solar radiation.
  • System of protection against noises and vibration occurring during operation of manufacturing equipment. During design engineering of the manufacturing buildings it is mandatory to consider the possibility of struggle against extra noise which is implemented due to use of piles and trenches, separate foundations, various options of insulation of dangerous parts.

The manufacturing facilities are also equipped with water supply, sewage, air aeration and ventilation systems.

Expert appraisal (expertise) of the manufacturing building

DESIGN ENGINEERING OF MANUFACTURING BUILDINGSDeveloped design solutions, results of engineering surveying, cost estimates for purchase of materials and implementation of works shall be approved by independent expert companies. The results of design of hazardous facilities and plants of advanced technical complexity are mandatory to undergo expert appraisal in the relevant federal supervision authorities.

The expert companies have a lot of various requirements which shall be considered during design engineering of buildings for implementation of technological processes. That is why the design engineering requires comprehensive approach, thorough engineering knowledge and grounded solutions.

Advantages of cooperation with MEGA-STROY

Our company has been a member of the Russia’s Builders Association since 2009. During design engineering we use the latest methods and BIM technologies which allow our clients to use the following advantages:

  • Fast development of design projects considering specific nature of technological processes. High speed of work is achieved due to precise and smooth structure of interaction of design engineers in the digital space. Each specialist does his job and provided that double work is excluded completely.
  • Reduction of the payback period of the building’s design for modern manufacturing facilities. It is achieved due to that the client saves money on staff outsourcing for introduction of any changes in the design. All design engineering works are made by narrow-focus specialists which are aware of various specific technological processes.
  • If it is required to introduce any corrections and updates it can be done very fast as they all are done automatically.

In our company you may place your order for development of the building’s design with the most various manufacturing capacities and technological processes. We are always trying to find the most optimal solutions to reflect all client’s wishes in the design without violation of applicable standards, rules and state standards.