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Design engineering of industrial buildings

Design engineering of industrial buildingsIndustrial buildings are an important component of all manufacturing infrastructures. There are located storage, service, manufacturing and other auxiliary rooms required for manufacturing processes. Design engineering of industrial buildings shall be done in compliance with all technical requirements. The building shall perfectly fit in the general building concept and have relevant economic and technical values which will provide with efficient investments.

The building shall also be reliable in operation and have opportunity for future extension of the present manufacturing facility (when required) without stoppage of operational process.

Types of design works

Designs of industrial buildings and structures can be divided into categories based on purpose of this facility.

The following designs can be pointed out:

  • manufacturing buildings and structures;
  • storage rooms;
  • transportation facilities;
  • power supply facilities as well as water supply and heat power supply;
  • administrative and amenity;
  • sanitary and technical.

Each design will have its peculiarities, price and relevant standards will regulate it.

Our services

Our company develops designs for any manufacturing complexes in Moscow and other cities of Russia. We provide with full range of services and use the latest technologies allowing to reduce timelines and price of design engineering. Our specialists use BIM technology. This automated system gives opportunity to do the most precise calculations of required amounts of materials, scope of works and many other data which describes the main technical and economic values of a future industrial project.

Use of the above technology also allows to eliminate mistakes in calculations and to introduce required changes at the earliest. Even when one value is changed in the calculations, all working documentation will be recalculated automatically.

Design engineering of industrial buildingsOur services include:

  • design engineering of industrial projects of any complexity;
  • execution of initial and permit documentation;
  • obtainment of construction permit;
  • approval processing for technical conditions for installation and design engineering of utilities;
  • development and approval processing of all documentation;
  • field supervision during construction of the project.

Low price of design engineering of industrial buildings as well as implementation of obligations of high quality in MEGA-STROY is achieved due to constant development and adherence only to the leading tendencies in efficient business management.

Design engineering of manufacturing buildings and structures

Design engineering of manufacturing buildings is based on the technology of a future manufacturing facility.

Manufacturing structures and buildings are designed considering all peculiarities and conditions of technology processes and that gives opportunity to choose optimal options. In future they will provide with the highest manufacturing capacity and uninterruptable operation.

The designs shall also consider specific peculiarities of the planned manufacturing facility. Special attention is paid to development of utilities and communications during design engineering. Their uninterruptable operation impacts all manufacturing process directly.

Design engineering of industrial rooms and development of working documentation is conducted in compliance with the requirements which are regulated by the following documents:

  • Manufacturing buildings (SNiP 31-03-2001).
  • Corrosion protection of building structures (SNiP 2 03.11.-85).
  • Design engineering of sound proofing (SP 23-103-2003).
  • Main guidelines for calculation (GOST 27751-88).
  • Noise protection (SNiP 23-03-2003), etc.

Many modern manufacturing buildings have big spans and quite high rooms. Such buildings bear significant loads from heavy suspended equipment constantly. Besides, the building is impacted with weight of lifting equipment and vibration. Considering this fact, design engineering of industrial buildings must include operation of such equipment.

Design engineering of industrial buildingsDesigns of manufacturing structures are also developed considering design concepts. There are selected suitable materials and technologies, the most comfortable conditions for work are created and they comply with all hygiene and sanitary standards.

As a result of architectural design engineering of an industrial structure or facility the following shall be provided with:

  • the most rational economic and technological solutions;
  • fire and labor safety requirements;
  • rational power regime;
  • good landscaping of adjacent territory and auxiliary rooms.

Design engineering of industrial facilities

An industrial facility shall be economically efficient not only at its construction stage, but also during its operation. That is why design engineering of industrial facilities shall envisage all future costs for unification and depreciation of the structure. During design engineering these costs shall be reduced the most, but quality and functions of the manufacturing buildings and all facility shall not suffer.

Costs for creation of the project are reduced due to optimization of construction, use of modern technologies and materials as well as introduction of automation thus reducing labor costs. Designs which our specialists have created help to use power resources more efficiently that is why price of design engineering of an industrial project is always justified.