COMPLEX SOLUTION of landscaping issues of the warehouse territory:

  • Lawn greening with maximal saving of the existing plants;
  • Pedestrian pathways and blindings around the complex’s buildings;
  • Lighting of the territory;
  • Hardstanding areas and canopies for temporary waste storage tanks;
  • Fencing of the territory with NYLOFOR 3D grid panels.

UTILITY NETWORKS are available for fast repair works as they are located under the lawns and greening. The utilities are removed from under roads, passways, there are almost no utilities under near docking areas and nearby the warehouse buildings.

PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPE DESIGN. Under the client’s request MEGASTROY specialists can design and deliver an exclusive landscape design including: green sculptures, alpine rock gardens, soft landscaping, green hedges, decorative lighting, small fountains and cascades. Landscaping and decorative elements are located considering that cargo traffic shall not be extended and there should be no obstacles for pedestrian traffic.


  • Neat territory increases the project’s investment attractiveness;
  • Comfortable environment creates more favorable working conditions;
  • Maintenance of utility networks that might require their opening, is performed with minimal inconveniences for operation of the warehouse lessees;
  • The unique landscape design made under the corporate standards will highlight the status of the ambitious project.