Excavation and trenching is a consecutive technological process that includes inspection and analysis of geological soil research, further loading to the vehicle or slopes of the excavated part. The precise levelling of the bottom and formation of slopes is an integral part of relevant works in the established cycle.

MEGA-STROY, LLC offers to its clients a full range of points with further responsibility for quality of the delivered services in accordance with the requirements of construction laws. Works are delivered by the experienced masters having thorough knowledge and skills of creation of all types of trenches for further construction of buildings and structures of different architectural ideas.

Cost of trenching order for construction depends directly on:

  • required length
  • depth
  • speed of execution.

Individual calculation is made in the office of the contracting company in the client’s presence.

The main work stages required for excavation and trenching

Excavation and trenching processing is made by means of consecutive implementation of the technology that is required for creation of deep and stable cavity formation.

  • Preparatory and inspection works include agreed control stages of an accurate planned vertical. Formation and marking of axes for inspection.
  • Provision of required measures of full cycle of underground soil waters removal. Additional equipment of temporary or permanent purpose is used for this.
  • Cleaning, polishing of the trench’s bottom. Special attention is paid to the possible deviation of the bottom, fixing of the marks of extractions at the given point. The steepness of the formed slopes and control over the measurements of the developed extracts on the bottom’s perimeter are considered.
  • Control operations of the delivered works. The Client accepts the ready construction site.

All activities are constantly monitored by a master representative of MEGA-STROY who is designated for the project along with the surveying specialist.

The required tools are provided by the company and they are ready for use:

  • Levelling tool
  • Excavator
  • Theodolite
  • Scales and tape rules
  • Templates for measurement of the slope stiffness.

Absence of additional costs on rent of tools reduces the amount of construction expenses significantly.

Pits and trenches

Pit and trench excavation service is a mandatory phase of levelling process for future building or structure construction. Quality of the start cycle of works influences stability and useful life cycle of the building.

It is worth noting that the excavators are initially developing the trench that is less deep than the one in the design sheet. This special soil (10 cm) that shall remain in view to save the bottom soil layer.

A scrapper knife is a tool that the excavator uses to increase the production rate during construction site works. This tool automatically polishes bottom layers of the pit and eliminates further manual excavation completely.

When ordering the pit excavation and formation in MEGA-STROY, LLC, the Client receives:

  • Full consultancy on phases, formation and work sequence at the site
  • Delivery of equipment and tools at the site
  • Works delivered by experienced masters and surveying specialists
  • Order is delivered precisely within the period agreed under the standards.

The company has delivered many projects on pit excavation of ready buildings of the town, shopping malls and specific projects that prove the reliability of the service rendering.