Internal logistics — MEGA-STROY

Internal logistics

TIME IS THE MAIN VALUE in logistics. Maneuvering and waiting for loading takes about 50% of time for loading works. Ergonomically located warehouse buildings and simple traffic scheme will allow expediting processing of truck traffic. EFFICIENT LOGISTICS OF A WAREHOUSE COMPLEX is smart arrangement of operation activities that has been developed based on data about quantity of received transport traffic. CONVENIENT ROUTES. For fast loading and transportation in the complex, each of the buildings under construction shall have circle traffic routes and loading platforms. Width of roads is from 6 m. Turning radius is designed considering traffic of large cargo trucks with trailers. SPACIOUS PARKING AREAS. There shall be parking areas for long vehicles and trucks on the territory of the complex in view to provide with the most efficient processing of cargo traffic and to prevent jams interrupting loading works. In front of the office part of the complex there is a car parking area. RESULT:

  • Comfortable maneuvering due to wide passways and convenient traffic routes;
  • No jams;
  • Fast cargo traffic processing.