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строительство быстровозводимых зданий

Presently there are being built more and more multifunctional shops, malls and entertainment centers in big Russian cities. Such complexes combine elements of different services: from movies to restaurants and coffeshops, gyms and beauty salons, and children recreation areas. These structures are a good example of the most required projects of the today’s commercial construction.

The above example shows that commercial construction is far not the business a shadow company can deliver. MEGA-STROY, LLC is the right choice for those who are interested in serious and professional construction of high quality.

There are the following advantages of MEGA-STROY, LLC:

  • a decade operational experience on the construction market of Russia;
  • available 230 units of owned construction and specialized equipment;
  • available certified departments of electricity, gas and water supply including laboratories for measurement, researches and tests;
  • available repair brigades that are ready to rectify and defect at the earliest;
  • possibility to deliver the complete cycle of the project’s works – from approval and design stages to the structure’s turnkey commissioning and execution of the property rights.

Construction of rapidly erectable buildings is a significant time and money saving.

To reduce the commissioning period of the new buildings of either commercial or industrial and residential purpose, the progressive method is used that is construction of rapidly erectable buildings. MEGA-STROY, LLC has mastered this technology that allows achieving surprising speed of construction saving quality and later operational reliability. The measures that are required to expedite the construction process are taken at the stage of design of rapidly erectable structures. Further, construction of steel structural buildings is also widely used thus allowing to optimize and to activate the process.

Due to modern building construction technologies of steel structures, the project’s commissioning is times faster than usual one and that is very profitable for clients. And also the highest quality of structures is provided as one company – MEGA-STROY, LLC – delivers all stages, such as design of rapidly erectable buildings, their construction and commissioning tests.

Contact us and construction of any rapidly erectable buildings under your order will be duly delivered within shortest period of time at quite reasonable prices. We provide with warranties on all types of the processed worked and on meeting the terms of their delivery.